Why Choose Us

Maintain Focus.

The core competencies of your company are those that generate revenue and build growth, while ours are providing service to help maintain your property. By outsourcing your service needs to SPELTAV you can focus on what’s most important: your employees, clients, and building new revenue.

Control Costs While Improving Quality.

Outsourcing your service needs is almost like running a small business within your company. Funds must be allocated to the purchase and maintenance of equipment and supplies. Staff must also be recruited, trained, and supervised; all of which can quickly add up/increase costs for man-power hours and labor. We save companies 18-24% on average by using our service.


The areas of your building have to be serviced in a manner that must be consistent with regulatory organizations. SPELTAV provides the security of cleared background technicians to provide service to your building in the safest hands.

Reliability and Scalability of Service.

In business today, things change at a moment's notice. SPELTAV is a partner you can rely on and a company that can adapt to your needs. We even provide 24-hour service, which gives you the flexibility to have on-demand service for your company events and the rapid changes in the floor traffic of your building.


From our training requirements to benchmarking our performance and strict Quality Control processes SPELTAV has created the experience and expertise to make your facilities shine!

Corporate Services

  • LEED® Green Cleaning (standard)

  • Contract Cleaning/Janitorial

  • Cafeteria Cleaning

  • Carpet Extraction Cleaning

  • Custom Green Cleaning Policy

  • National Multi-Location Cleaning

  • Complete Floorcare Maintenance

  • Porter Services

  • Marble Polishing

  • Pressure Washing

  • Temporary Staffing

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